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Step 1: Positioning for Church Growth

Our church consultants will help you discover the factors limiting your church growth and church project. This knowledge allows ministry to drive the church design. Our church consultants use our Growth Positioning Study (GPS) to understand current and future ministry needs to maximize church growth.

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Step 2: Ministry Focused Church Design

A seasoned church architect can provide critical insights during church development. Our network of church architects specialize in church buildings. Our church development process can accommodate church projects of any size or budget without sacrificing unity, stewardship, or value. Our network of church architects are active in ministry and understand how to create church designs for a multitude of different worship styles and integrate seamlessly with our church construction division.

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Step 3: Funding the Church Vision

Church finance is a vital component of church growth. It is essential to the expansion of the ministry that a church develops the ability to effectively teach and practice stewardship of church funds. There are almost always more ministry opportunities than money available, and how a church positions itself financially can enhance or significantly limit ministry. We want your team to be focused on growing your ministry, so we help negotiate and decipher the finer points of church financing necessary to help the church fund your vision.

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Step 4: Construction of the Church Building

With 50 years of construction experience we have built church buildings of all sizes across the country. Our Integrated Project Delivery System takes a collaborative team approach to every church building project. This integration makes the church design and church construction experience simple and cost-effective.

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